Mohd Izairi Azmi

Mohd Izairi Azmi
Dengan GF Siam


Mohd Izairi Azmi Dengan GF Siam

Mohd Izairi Azmi Dengan GF Siam
Mohd Izairi Azmi Dengan GF Siam

Mohd Izairi Azmi Seorang Penipu

Mohd Izairi Azmi Seorang Penipu
Mohd Izairi Azmi Seorang Penipu

Saturday, January 7, 2012

English Version Of Post

This is the story I'Today in History' is jugak ... I never have to liealso catch
apa2 poundswe continue to believe the rules of IslamWings bak said in his song the Law of Karma
"Do good and avoidSaid the old orgDo evil all the time
You will not loseNoble replied heavenSin 'miserable stateThis law of karma "
Okthis story
March 16, 2010ade me post items pd required in section "Wanted"
March 23, 2010I fly my SMS saying he has the goods tuakupon call him and said I'd seriouslyhe mintak I offer pricesakupon offer at a relatively low asking price, and see if he agrees or notPosted his best, he agreed!so, we pon agree for dealing
From the voice and the way the conversationHe was very kind and friendly Credits
Mula2 he mintak I bank in to CIMB accountbut I JAP CIMB, MBB pounds so he said couldbut he opismate account (MBB tu), he pounds SMS friends account he is no tu
I do not doubt my apa2continue to follow the money in the bank aja I agreed valueand he had to send SMS pm tuthat he had poslaju with no slip EN755070788MY
so, my heart with joy and satisfaction (with 'I fast service ")akupon wait la tu goods
unfortunatelyI do not accept Lasting apapon to todayPosted poslaju no check that, Credits InvalidPosted pounds at no rogue inactive
valid ... I have to trick me
So, kawan2 carefulPosted quickly affected with kindly offerI should research first apa2Set as follows elector us and our buyers will come out la capital
so, here are the details of these rogueName: Mohd Saiful Asri (je lie KUT)No phone: 0164596461
Posted Posted at detail than he use my phone number (0164596461)
Binti Aliashuhada Siti Nur AzmiIC 96062302517412 Tg maheran Road, Park Cape maheran, Muar, Johor

No account MBB 'friends' he tu: 152023192866Name: Mohd Aswad Bin AzmiAddress: 44, highway Wirajaya, Park Rally New Secretariat, Georgetown (accessible from MBB account no tu)
Posted my payment:Open 3rd Party Transfer

Status: SuccessfulReference number: 1379675629Transaction date: 23 Mar 2010 15:22:33
Amount: RM150.00
From Account: xxxxxxxxxxx WSA
To Open 3rd Party Account: 152023192866Account Holder Name: MOHD BIN STONE AZMI
Posted at ni tu rogue email use: hafiz -
I use google tu account numberPosted at ni-out the name of
Muhammad Ghazali Aswadi BIC No: 890318035383 (IC 89 ... young again. Potential criminals so great pioneers gaban levels nih)Maybank account no: 152023192866
no account of the same brushlittle different with my name ... weird

May malaun quickly guided him and we are all protected from evil, and life continues to be blessed by Him ...amiinnnnnn

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